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Sash Window Repairs London

Sash Window Services – Intro

Sash windows are pretty amazing. It’s a feature that adds grace to the overall appearance of your home or property. But, the above is only possible if the sash window is in perfect condition.

If the wood is rotten or glass is cracked or any other issues exist, it disturbs the curb appeal. But worry not. You have one of the best sash window companies in London ready to serve you.


Sash Window Repair Services

Have your local sash window repair person suggested a replacement for your window? Are you looking for sash window repairs in London?

Whatever the case may be, if it’s related to the sash window, we are here for you. At The London Sash Window Repairs Services, we provide any and every sash window repair service with utmost satisfaction.

Our sash window company will make sure that you get the best advice regarding the repair. We, unlike other companies, never suggest direct replacement without inspecting.

We know how costly the sash window replacement is. Therefore, we make use of the best repairmen at our facility to get your problem fixed.

Call us now at 020 34750528 and get your quotes right away!!

Some Essential Repair Services Offered By Us

Sash window repair is not a limited process. It involves various procedures that amount to what you know as repair. Here are some repair services we offer: –

  • Sash Window Sill Replacement: Sometimes, the sills are not in the condition to hold the entire window together. And, in this case, sash window sill replacement is suggested.

We offer sill replacement in both hardwood and softwood. We remove the existing sill and make sure that the new one fits correctly. Within no time, your new sill will be ready for decoration.

  • Sash Window Sill Splice Repair: When the wood starts to rot, this method can help you save your sash window. This repair method is only possible if the overall sash is in good condition.

Moreover, this better method than replacement and will save you, money!

  • Overhaul: At times, either the weights fall off, or the cords break. This might lead to problems while opening the sash window, especially when the upper sash is involved. Overhauling with cord replacement is a quite easy and cost-effective job—its like a quick fix. We can also help you nail it permanently to prevent the glass from breaking.
  • Sash Overall replacement: In some instances the sash window repairs become uneconomical. And, in such cases, we suggest sash window replacement. Although it’s quite costly than a typical repair, it offers a long term solution.

So, as you know how versatile we are in offering our services, call us at 020 34750528 and get your window repaired!

Why is Sash Window Repair necessary?


Sash window, including the box frame and glass, collectively look very pleasing. When the frame begins to rot, the windows sag, and it results in dust accumulation, draught or dampness.

This makes the window look unpleasing to the eye. Although the wood seems to have a good life, irregular or no service can lead to certain damage. And, in such cases sash window repair is necessary.

Whenever you’re choosing something for your lovely home, consider choosing the best. The London Sash Window Repairs will repair your window like never before.

The expert staff will make sure to first inspect and then repair your sash widow in the perfect manner. So, delay no more and leave the burden of a window replacement behind.

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Benefits of a Sash Window Repair Service: 

Let’s show you some benefits of sash window repair that’ll help you decide better: –

  • Safety of Your Home: You must know that sash windows that require repair are usually the easiest point for burglars to enter your house.
  • Draught Reduction: No one likes draughts, but they’re not going to vanish on their own. You can get rid of these with sash window repair.
  • Peace of Mind: When the window needs a repair disturbing sounds from the outside penetrate into the house. This could be disturbing if you love a peaceful environment. And, a repair can help you get the peace back in your life.
  • Low energy Bills: A non-functional sash window is responsible for the heat that you’re losing. It will lead to extra pressure on your HVAC, which amounts to high energy bills. So save some money with sash window repair.
  • Smooth Window Operation: Is the window making unusual sounds or is hard to open sometimes.

Window repair will enable you to operate it with ease.

As you now know the benefits of sash window repair, call us at 020 34750528 and get your window done by the best sash window company.

Why People Prefer The London Sash Window Repairs?

Although there are numerous companies offering sash window repairs, people still prefer The London Sash Window Repairs. It is because of the professionalism and result-oriented attitude that we have.

Please find some of the benefits you get from our company: – 

  • Free Quotes & Easy Booking:  At, The London Sash Window Repairs we offer free quotes for the service you need. You can simply upload the photos using our online quotes form and get a fixed price for the repair.

We never spam our customers with unnecessary ads and offer a user-friendly interactive platform.

  • Registered & Licensed: We’re a registered and licensed company. So, you can depend on us for the sash window repair services.
  • Full-Service Company: We are a full-service sash window repair company. Apart from repair, we provide installation, replacement, restoration, drought-proofing and many other services.

So, you don’t have to switch the vendors for additional services.

  • Warranty: We deal with our job professionally. And that is the reason we offer a warranty on every service we offer. Our repair and related services will make sure that your sash window is in the best condition.
  • Long Term Solution: When you get a sash window repair from our professionals, you’ll get a long term solution. The necessary repairs will prevent any moisture from appearing and will add many years to the life of your window.
  • Best Advice: We work to offer a solution not just to earn some money but to provide a quality service. This is the reasons we never jump to conclusions without inspections.

Our skilled workman will try our level best to repair windows whenever we can. And, only in the worst-case scenario, a replacement is suggested. We make sure to present a great solution at an affordable price.

The choice is yours!

It’s totally up to you whether you want a temporary solution that saves you a few bucks but creates problem days after treatment or a long term one.

Experts at The London Sash Window Repairs have ample experience dealing with sash windows. So, without any doubt, you can depend on us.

To book our services you can fill the online booking form. If you want any assistance regarding services etc., you can always call us at 020 34750528.

How much does it cost to repair a sash window?

It is a common question that might be of concern to you. We have given the prices of some basic services we offer for your reference: –

  • Sill Splicing: £100 – £180

This solution involves less extensive repair as compared to the entire replacement. Therefore, the cost is relatively lower. We usually resort to splice when we know it won’t hold the window together.

  • Sash Window Sill Replacement: £140 – £240

The pricing in window sill replacement largely depends on hardwood, softwood and to what extent the repair is needed.

  • Replacement Sash: £250 -£380

There are several cases when sash window replacement is required. It’s preferred usually when repairs are no more economical. Whether you want to replace the upper sash or lower, the cost is approximately the same.

However, it largely depends upon whether or not you require drought-proofing.

  • Overhaul: £200-£320

This process usually involves replacing snapped cords and ensuring smooth travel of sash windows.

Please Note: The prices mentioned above are average ones. Every project brings its own challenges and requirements. Therefore, the final price for your project might vary.

And for sash window repair cost, please upload photographs of your sash window using our online quotes form. This procedure is pretty easy and will give an exact estimate of your project.


Sash Window Repairs FAQ

My Sash Window Is Stuck. Will it open?
If you can notice a pulley within the frame, yes the windows are meant to slide open. You can send us photographs via our Booking Request form and our team can call you back with some guidance.

Do you repair minor problems like broken glass, sash cords etc.?
Yes, we do.

I have sash windows with single glaze; can I replace it with a double glazed sash?
Yes, we can help you replace the single glazed sash with a double.

Do you offer any other services than repair?
Yes, we do cover replacement of window sill and total sash window replacement.

Does sash window repair offer me security?
Of course, yes.

Can you match the existing style of my sash windows?
Yes, we’ll make sure to replicate the design.

Are you registered and licensed
Yes, we are registered and licensed for each task we perform.

What’s your sash window repair cost?
You can visit the pricing section for this information. Also, you can upload pictures of the sash window that needs repairs on our quotes form and get accurate prices.

Do you offer Free Quotes?
Yes, we do offer free quotes.

We have listed out some of the common questions people have about our services. However for any other specific question that we missed out, please dial 020 34750528 and get your answers right away.

How do we repair your Sash Windows?

At, The London Sash Window Repairs, we always try to keep everything transparent. So, you can be aware of everything happening with your sash window. Let’s show you how we repair the sash window: –

  • Sash Removal: The first step towards sash window repairs is inspection and sash removal. Don’t mistake sash for the ropes. The sash is actually the part which is responsible for moving or sliding the windows.
  • Sash Inspection: We then look for issues in the sash. Most common issues are the joints that become loose or broken glass. And, in case of minor cracks, we never replace unless you ask us to do so.
  • Sill Inspection: We make sure that the sill is not rotten. If it is, we suggest replacing it. And, if a relatively smaller part is rotten, we cut it out and fill it with a part 2 filler. This saves you a lot of money.
  • Box Inspection: You must know that if the sill is rotten, chances are the box might be rotten too. The box is hollow and is usually rotten where the sill meets the box. In such a case, we replace the timber and make it functional like before.
  • Weight & Pulley Inspection: Sometimes, the weights are uneven. And, this might lead to awkward window sliding. Also, the pulley sometimes gets stuck while sliding. And, in that case, oiling does its magic.
  • Overview: We listed given some of our common repair steps that make sure you have a superfine working sash window. However, these steps vary as per the project. We always make sure to run inspection checks to discover any hidden or future issue.

Phone us now at 020 34750528 or visit to know more about our repair process!

How to Book?

Have you been searching for “sash window repair near meto fix your sash window unit? Well, you have just got London’s top sash window repair company to help you. If you need an accurate price quote, please send us photographs of the repair job via our booking request form and a member of our team will get back to you right away.

If you don’t like the online way, don’t worry. Just call us at 020 34750528. And, we’ll make sure that you’re served well.

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