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Sash Window Repair Prices

Sash Window Repair Prices

Repairs on sash windows don’t cost too much but they save you a lot of money over time. At The London Sash Window Repairs Services, the prices that we offer on all your sash window repairs are competitive and reasonable. 

Whether you need repair for small or medium-sized sash windows or for larger sized ones, we will give you the best prices you can get in all of London. Our prices do not fluctuate or change and we promise that there are no hidden charges. 


A Quick Register for You

Before you read further about the prices of sash window repairs that we offer, we’d like to bring you up to speed on some of the common terms we use in descriptions. You are already familiar with some of them but some others may be confusing. 

We don’t want you to get confused, we like that you know exactly what we’re discussing per time. You’ll be able to navigate our site better when you know these things. There are nine of them briefly explained here. 

  • Sash: This is the framework that holds your window up. It can be fixed or moveable.
  • Sash cords: This is a cord that connects your window sash. It usually has a counterweight.
  • Overhauling: Not necessarily removing your entire window design. Overhauling can bring fresh life to your window’s timber and restore charm rather than replace the entire window.
  • Counterbalancing: This is a part of your window that’s mostly hidden. It helps to hold the weight of the sash in place when you open and close the windows. 
  • Window sill: This is the wooden bottom piece of your window and the covering that runs around the edges to disallow draughts and moisture from entering your home.
  • Draught-proofing: This simply means protecting your home by sealing up gaps through which air can escape and come into your home. It’s a smart way of conserving energy by not letting in too much cold air and letting out warm air.
  • Joinery: This refers to the total wooden components that make up your door or window.
  • Hardwood and Softwood: Hardwoods are from dicot trees while softwoods are from conifers. Softwoods are easier to cut into than hardwoods. Both of them are important to us because hardwoods are usually denser than softwoods and that is put into consideration when we charge you.
  • Double glazing: This is the kind of window that has two or more glass window panes. The panes help reduce heat transfer. Double glazing is also called insulated glazing.

Sash Window Repair Full Price List

Now that we are sure you are refreshed on some of the terms used in sash window draught-proofing, it’s time to look at our sash window repairs prices. Take a look to see how we have fixed customer-friendly budgets for your best experience. Even if you are repairing only one window or two, we have put together a budget for you. 


Sash Window Repair Prices

Sash Window Sill Replacement: This costs between £160.00 to £240.00. This type of replacement is necessary when the sill of your window has taken in so much moisture and is now falling apart. We will simply help you cut out the tired sill and replace with a fresh one that you’d love to look at. 

The price we are offering covers the cost of removing, replacing, priming and undercoating your new sill. We will do a full job for you and leave you with absolutely no more worries.

Cost of Replacing the Lower Rail on Sash: £270.00-£400.00. If it’s just a problematic rail on a sash we’re talking about here (remember the sash is the framework holding your window up), you don’t need to toss out the entire sash. All we’ll do is replace the lower rail for you very quickly and you’ll be all set.

Sash Window Draught-Proofing Costs

If your windows are letting in cold air, then it’s time to protect your home and property by installing some draught-proofing. Our professional services for this cost between £250 and £500 plus VAT. The installation is done professionally to allow you to use your sash windows effectively without creaks and annoying sounds. You will be able to control the temperature and conserve energy.

Price of Sill Splice: Costs £120.00-£160.00. This is not a complete replacement and so it costs less than a sill replacement. Depending on the outcome of our inspection, we will advise you on whether splicing will be cost-effective for you or if you should just renovate the entire thing. Either way, we have your back.

Replacement Sash price: We often advise that in order to get the best value for your money, simply pay for an overhaul and also request for a draught-proofing. This costs between £270.00 to £400.00. Every required repair will be done during that time and you will be happy you took the step.

Price of Overhaul: Our overhauling services will involve replacement of the sash cords and counterbalancing your sash windows. This service costs £240.00 to £360.00. 

We will add extra lubrication to kick out squeaks and make sure that your window moves freely. If this is the service you need, we would be more than glad to help you out. Note that larger windows will cost a little more than what we have stated here.

Sash Window Refurbishment Costs

Overhaul, Draught-Proofing and Decoration

Here comes a complete package for you if you’d like to do an overhaul, a draught-proofing and decoration together. We will provide new sash window furniture for you as well as strong security restrictions. For between £620.00 and £920.00, we will remove your windows and fix up for you as a expertly finished replacement. It’s the total package, everything in one place!

Costs of Double Glazing Your Sash Windows: £580.00-£980.00

The prices stated here covers the cost of double glazing your sash windows and do not include full gloss coat finish for your new joinery or existing sash window, nor does it cover decoration. We will give you a comprehensive invoice that will include all the prices of overhaul and draught-proofing and any other form of upgrade that you may require.

If you require decoration on your new sashes, we will be glad to offer this service. We also usually quote for decoration before you ask because it will save you a lot of costs but be sure we will run everything by you first.

Note also that the prices in this section simply cover for softwood timber and quality double glazed windows. If you’d have us deal with hardwood, an additional twenty per cent on the prices for softwood will cover for the costs of hardwood replacement sashes. Let’s see a breakdown of the prices.

Double glazing existing sash windows: £580.00-£980.00. We offer you this service if you need to place a double glazed unit in an older sash. 

There’s an additional cost on counterbalancing and draught-proofing as well as installing security restrictions. If your sash windows are smaller, the price is usually lower especially if you need little or no glazing for them.

Manufacture and Fit Double Glazed Sashes in Original Frame: £720.00-£1580.00. We can help you manufacture double glazed sashes that will fit into your original frame. You will require this if you cannot double glaze an existing sash and so need a new fitting one. The price here is not inclusive of draught-proofing and we will add this in your invoice separately.

Full Window Replacement: £1780.00-£2880.00. We will supply you with the standard window of your choice. Either you need it unglazed, glazed, undercoated, primed or glossed, you will get exactly what you want.

Sash Window Hardware Prices

This is a list of the prices of sash window hardware that you may need in your home.

Replacement Furniture: We have these at £32.00 per set. It includes Brighton fastener and sash lifts that fit in Brass, Chrome or Satin Finishes.

Security Restrictors: Available for £32.00 per set. Comes with two bolts that are installed in a way that allows for ventilation while not permitting full travel. You are completely assured of security.


Sash Window Decoration Costs

To decorate your window, here are the prices that we offer. As always, they are competitive, standard and transparent with no hidden costs.

Internal Sash Decoration: £180-£360. We will use quality Dulux products to decorate your window after picking off all loose materials and cleaning your frame.

External Sash Decoration: For this, we charge £180-£460. We will prepare your window for decoration, rub it down using fine glass paper and then we will give you very neat finishing.

Casement Window Prices

Casement Sash Repair: For typical repairs involving casement sash, mullion and will replacement, we charge between £180.00-£460.00, depending on the exact repair that you need.

Casement draught-proofing: To draught-proof your casement, we charge £240.00-£360.00. We also provide replacement hinges and new hardware to make your security better.

Sash window cord replacement lower sash (standard size and convenient parking): To replace your broken sash cord on the lower sash, we will fit in two new sashes for you at £200.00- £280.00. Your lower sash will remain fully functional.

Sash window cord replacement upper sash (large size and convenient parking): £320.00-£420.00. We will go through a similar process as the one above. The large size is about 1.4m wide and 2.2m high.

Sash window cord replacement lower sash (standard size and no parking): £440.00-£680.00. The cost of our service is higher here because there is no parking which causes a bit of inconvenience and so increases the time we will use to install the replacement.

Sash window cord replacement upper sash (standard size and no parking): This is done at £440.00-£680.00 and the prices take into consideration the standard size and absence of parking.

Same-day Emergency Call-Out Cost

This costs £640.00 plus VAT. If you need us very urgently or will have us arrive on the very same day that you call us, we will charge you an additional cost. Please note that we are interested in making sure your home is secured and will do our best to respond as soon as you need our services.

Curved Sash Windows

If you have to draught-proof a curved sash, the prices are just the same as the standard window sash (£448.00-£688.00). Note also that we do not offer any liability for broken glass.

Okay so one more thing. Why should you let us repair your window sash?

We’re not just telling you to hire us, we’re telling you to trust us.

  • Our sash window repair team is skilled, experienced and well mannered.
  • We never stop until we are completely sure that you are satisfied.
  • We listen to you to understand exactly what you want us to do for you.
  • We give you the very best you can get in terms of window sash repairs.

See? You can definitely trust us.

Wrap-up Summary

And there you have it. We have provided a comprehensive list of all the prices we offer for our services. Your question of “sash window repair near me” has just been answered by us. If perhaps there is anything you need to do that was not discussed here, feel free to contact us to gain clarity on it.

Our professional team is customer-focused and are always interested in listening to you. You can also send us a photograph of your window to help us see better the type of repair that you will need. We can offer you an estimate on the phone.

If you’d prefer that we come over to inspect by ourselves, we offer a free, no-obligation survey. You can also be assured that you will not be asked to pay anything that you did not previously agree to, and we promise to keep all prices transparent and reasonable.

Conserve more energy, live securely and breathe in all the right air. Give us a call and we’ll fix a time together right away.

Call us today on 020 34750528

Or you can fill our online booking request form right here. Any way you prefer to reach us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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