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Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Draught-Proofing Sash Windows

Draughts can be a nuisance. They make you feel like you can’t really control how the air comes in and goes out of your home. But all of that continues only for as long as you allow the cracks to remain in your window units. 


When you draught-proof your windows, you will be able to successfully combat issues of dust, squeaking, rattling and yes, draughts. And if you have been looking for how to go about that without its costing you an arm and a leg and even a kidney, then you have come to the right place.

We advocate for you to draught-proof your home in order to ensure that you can effectively save up on energy costs. We also make sure that while doing the sealing for your house, we consider the fact that you’d need to breathe. That’s why we make sure your windows stay in excellent condition and can open easily. 

Everyone in your home including your dog releases carbon dioxide constantly and the amount of it can get high enough that you may begin to feel drowsy and uncoordinated. Because the level of carbon dioxide in your home must be kept balanced, we make sure that we draught-proof your windows just right enough to keep out unnecessary air and still let you breathe.

We provide professional draught-proofing services tailored to fit the needs of your home, whether you live in a big or small house. If you care for some decorations (and we know you do!), we also offer a full package for sash window decoration. We are your one-stop-shop for everything relating to windows. 

Our finished jobs are always impeccably neat. All of the draught-proofing in themselves are well concealed and what you see will not put you off. Also, the installation does not obstruct the easy opening and closing of your windows. Because that would make us look bad, won’t it?

How do we Install Sash Window Draught-Proofing?

So to bring you into the know-how about how we install the draught-proofing, we’ve put together a simple explanation. By the time we arrive at your property, none of the things we will do will seem alien to you and you’ll be able to ask us questions.

First, we ensure that your floors and furniture are protected using sheets to cover every necessary item. We then prepare the windows for the installation by ensuring that excess paints, debris, dust and so on are removed.

In fitting the draught-proofing, we insert brush pile unto the sash window on all its perimeters. This is to ensure that we have a complete seal. Once we have ensured that the pile carrier has glued in, we allow it to set and only then do we insert the brush pile into the channel.

Essentially, this method makes sure that damaged or weak draught seal is replaced very quickly without costing you so much to fix. The sealing is done to ensure that there are no gaps that can interfere with the overall performance. 

Also, if you have to fix a new draught seal in future, we make sure that the process is very easy for you. We always place a pin in it to ensure that the draught seal we have put on your window does not come off, and at the same time is easy to pull and slide in a new draught during replacement. As we have said, we ensure that our services never have to cost you more than it should.


What are the Benefits of Sash Window Draught-proofing?

The benefits are numerous.

  • There’s the financial benefits:

 There’s a whopping big financial benefit attached to ensuring that your windows are draught-proof. In fact, because of the huge benefit to both your home and the country at large, the process usually draws a reduced VAT rate of just 5%. 

You will no longer have to lose heat in your home and use up more energy in the process. Every year, you will save an average of £180.00 just by installing an average sash window draught-proofing because your heating bills will drop massively. 

But note that just how much you will be saving depends on how well your windows were fitted before your draught-proofing gets installed. We are always happy to give you a full understanding of this when we come on to see your property.

  • The Environmental Benefits

You will not have to keep the heat in your home running longer than is necessary. This protects the environment and ensures more efficient energy consumption to the effect of about £190 million annually in the UK, this is quite enough to heat up about 930, 000 homes. 

So by draught-proofing your sash windows, you will not just be saving up energy in your home, the entire London environment will benefit both financially and in energy conservation. It’s a win-win!

  • You’ll get your windows serviced

When we come to install the draught-proofing, we will also service your window. All creaks and annoying sounds that make you dread opening your windows will be eliminated. We will also recommend new window furniture to you as we deem fit and help you free up space on your window sash. You’ll have it all completely as good as new with higher efficiency.

How will you Maintain Sash Windows after Draught-proofing?

Maintaining sash windows after draught-proofing is not difficult. You are already assured of quality service from us as well as a draught-proofing that includes a five-year warranty at the very least. 

You know now that all you need to do is follow some easy routine maintenance and you may be looking at more than ten years of efficient insulation. So, on to the routine window-sitting, shall we?

  • Keep your windows clean all the time

And don’t go using paper towels to wipe because that will just amount to shifting the dirt from point to point on the window. Use warm soapy water and a soft piece of cloth or foam to clean your draught seals. This will elongate the lifespan of your seals and help you enjoy the insulation for a longer time.

  • Don’t clean your windows on a sunny day

Bet you didn’t know that. Cleaning on a sunny day may make your window dry out from the sun and then you’d get those streaks of water that will make your window look ugly. So, don’t choose a sunny day to clean.

  • Always check for rots

Rots are a common problem with sash windows over a period of time. This gives a very unsightly appearance but more than that, the rot weakens the wood and causes your windows to leak.

You should always check to make sure you attack rots at the very early stage. Clean the area of the rot using a damp cloth and apply a wood hardener. The wood hardener dries up on the wood very quickly and prevents further decay. However, if you have a bigger rot, you may need to opt for a replacement of the entire sash window.

  • Never paint the pile carrier, paint the timber instead

Ever been told to never say never? That doesn’t apply here because you must always remind yourself to never paint the pile carrier. There are ways to decorate your windows, but it’s never using paint on the pile carrier. 

Once you let gloss set in your draught seal, you’d have to opt for a replacement or have us come look at it for you. The timber, on the other hand, will require regular painting to make sure that it does not begin to deteriorate. Don’t make yourself have to go through all that trouble, we are available to decorate for you the professional way.

  • Oil Your Windows Regularly

Oiling your windows will save you the headache that comes from listening to a window make high-pitched noises during opening and closing. Let’s face it, those sort of noises are not what you want to be exposed to in the mornings. So oil your windows. 

Rub on oil or wax into the hinges and general frame. Your window will also open easily without you having to grit your teeth to push it open. Also, make sure that you clean off dust and dirt before oiling and definitely make sure there are no cobwebs.

  • Always replace broken cords

Once you see that a cord is broken or damaged, replace it quickly. This is an easy process that involves removal of the sash. We can do this for you at affordable prices and you can check our price list to see that.


Draught-proofing FAQs- and their answers

We have answered some of the most common questions that people ask about draught-proofing sash windows. Take a look and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Do my windows require draught-proofing?

Yeah, it’s very likely that your window will need draught-proofing except it is a double or triple glazed window that has been fixed since 2002. But if you are not sure about the age, you can check manually to determine if your window has draughts. 

Check to see if there are gaps between the window and the frame as that will most likely require you draught-proof. Also, if there are any open areas around the locks or on the window frame itself, you may need to draught-proof. And to clear your doubts, you can call us in to do an inspection for you. It’s totally free to have us over.

Can I draught-proof my windows by myself?

Yes, you can. Weatherstripping is one common way of draught-proofing your window. You can also use a foam tape, or even foil stripping. Using insulated curtains is also a creative way of doing this, and you can also do a re-caulk on your windows. 

Does draught-proofing sash windows really work?

Yes again. And you will never know how much warm air you’re really losing until you get those windows draught-proofed. Draught-proofing simply makes sure that there are no leaks in your home that can cause you loss of energy, and you will save a lot of money keeping your thermostat on only as needed. 

Ensure that you have only professionals do the work for you and you’ll be glad you did. So yes, it works! To sew draught proofing windows cost, take a look at our full pricing list here

Why are my windows so drafty?

Your windows are most likely drafty because you have broken hinges. Also, old windows may have grown brittle and weak. If your windows are new, they are drafty most likely because they lack foam insulation between their rough openings. 

Also, if your windows are improperly installed, you may have a problem with drafts. Incorrect window caulking and window seal failure are also common reasons. If you have drafty windows, there’s no need to worry. You can try finding where the drafts are coming from or simply have us come check it for you. We are always happy to help.

What is the best window frame sealant?

There are a number of great window sealants out there. You can use window sealants to prolong the lifespan of your windows such that you have no need to repair for a long time. We trust the Gorilla 100% Silicone All-purpose and you should too.

How exactly does draught-proofing save me some extra costs?

It’s simple. When you draught-proof, you will not let in too much cold air. That way, you will not have to heat up your home with extra energy and so you’ll save money on heating bills. 

Wrapping this up…

And now, we’d like to thank you for visiting our page. We hope that the information we provided was useful for you. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach us on our number 020 34750528 or simply reach us via email at info@londonsashwindowrepairs.co.uk

You can also fill in our online booking request form or upload photographs of your sash window that you want repaired by filling our our online quotes form.

As we have promised, you have no need to worry about quality, because we will ensure that your home is draught-proofed in the best way ever. We also attend to all of your sash window repairs, and you can see our price list by clicking here

You’ll save a lot of money and lose nothing by trusting us, and we look forward to coming along to assist you. Cheers to your homey comfort. 

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