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Double Glazed Sash Windows

 SDouble Glazed Sash Windows

Are you looking for double glazing sash windows? Do you want the best double glazing repair company in London?

If you do, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The London Sash Window Repairs Services. We’re a full-service sash window repair company. Having installed, replaced, and repaired many sashes and double glazed sash windows; we are people’s first choice.


Double Glazing Sash Windows Services

We offer numerous sash window-related services. And, the double glazing sash window is one of our specialities. Whether you want to trap in more heat or muffle the sound, double glazing is indeed a great choice.

We offer a cost effective and efficient Double Glazing services from repairs to replacement . As you call us, our professional team will understand the current window issue, provide a price quote and then begin the work.

We take the dimensions of the existing window and make sure to replicate it accurately and on point. We talk great pride in our work and make sure all jobs are done to high quality.

We even copy the decorative horns, if any, to give a consistent look and feel within the neighbourhood. Once the windows are fitted, you’ll observe the same view that you used to have.

Whatever your service requirements, if it’s related to the sash window, reach out to The London Sash Window Repairs Services at 020 34750528.

Here are some of the services we provide to all our customers from domestic to commercial: –

  • Double Glazing Original Existing Sash Windows: If you do not want a new double glazed sash window, we can help. After examining the condition of your existing Sash window, we’ll let you know if it’s possible to repair. If it is, you’ll save a decent sum of money. We’ll make sure that everything looks original or even better.
  • Double Glazing Window Repairs: Sometimes, minor replacements or repairs can save you a lot of money. And this is what double glazing repair involves. We inspect the sash window before jumping to a solution. And, if the repairs are economical, we go with that.
  • Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows using Existing Frame: It also depends on the condition of your existing frame. If it’s not rotten and can hold the double glazed window, we can replace the double glazed using the preexisting frame.
  • Full Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows: This is the ultimate and the last solution we offer for your double glazed sash window. Sometimes the damage is beyond repairs.

Don’t worry; we won’t suggest full replacement until its totally necessary. But if it is needed, we’ll help you install a whole new one. It might sound costly, but it will be a long term solution. You can forget the hassle of repair for the next 5-10 years minimum.


Benefits of Double Glazing your Sash

Double Glazing sash windows can be really beneficial if you know the right use. Here is why you need double glazing repairs: –

  • Low Energy bills: Yes, you can save energy with a double glazed sash window. It acts as a good insulator and traps heat. Especially in the winter season many of our customers have noticed a reduction in their electricity bill. Double glazing repairs will also help you improve the life of your HVAC system as your heating system won’t have to work harder.
  • Less or No Moisture: No one likes condensed air in the house or around the sash window sill. It can lead to moulds and rotting. Moreover, it’s not good for human health either. The double glazed window, if working fine, can be of great use to reduce condensation.
  • Low Outdoor Noise: If you love nice and quietness “who doesn’t :)”, make sure that your double glazed window is in good condition. If you need double glazing repairs, get it done ASAP as the air gap between the window panes can help you muffle the sound to a large extent.
  • Improves Security: Do you like burglars breaking in from your window? Obviously not. And, a double glazed sash window can provide you with great security. At, The London Sash Window Repairs, we make use of toughened glass that’s way harder to break. You can most certainly sleep peacefully with our fitted sash window units.
  • Improves Resale Value: If you’re selling your home or renting it, a double glazed window can be the cherry on top. It’s more of a luxury feature that’ll attract both customers and tenants. Moreover, it’ll increase the overall value of your priced house.

Why is The London Sash Window Repairs Services the best?

Our experience and previous customer base speak for us. Serving the homeowners in London, we’ve become experts in what we do. Dealing with double glazed or common sash windows is a piece of cake for us.

Here are some points that’ll help you know why people here in London choose us: –

  • Services with Warranty: Similar to other services, double glazing repairs or double glazing window repairs come with a warranty. We take our profession quite seriously and try to present the best-glazed sash window.
  • Genuine Advice: We, unlike other companies, try our level best to repair and find economical methods for you. And, only in the extreme scenario, we call for a sash window replacement. This is one of the reasons people here in London trust us.
  • Relevant Experience & Customer Reviews: Our workmen independently worked on sash windows before joining us, which makes them the best for double glazing repairs. Moreover, customers have to say a lot of good stuff about us. Please visit our website to learn more.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: We always try to keep the double glazing repair cost as low as possible. You can visit the pricing page for more information. And, if you want accurate pricing, please upload the pictures of your sash window using our online quotes form.
  • No Hidden Charges: We never hide anything from our customers. Everything is transparent, and the price is finalized once we quote you a price and you accept it. Therefore, you will know the exact price before we start any repair or replacement work on your window units.

Double Glazing original Existing Sash Windows

Draught proofing and double glazing your existing sash window is a great choice to make. It’s literally the best way to save money and get an awesome double glazed window. However, how effective will it be, is decided by the depth of your sash.

We have handled numerous decorated and undecorated sash windows. We try inspection checks, which helps us know the quality of your sash. We examine whether or not your sash will hold the double glazed window or not.

We have everything ranging from staff and equipment necessary for perfect double glazing sash windows. However, the price falls somewhere between £400 to £700 depending on the quality of the window unit and work required in terms of labour cost.

The price given above is average. And, it largely depends upon your demands and current condition of the sash window. For the exact double glazing repair cost, please upload the pictures of the window, using the online quotes form.

If you have a glazing bar, especially ones with the Georgian style, or your sash has arches, the cost might differ from the average plans. But, please call us at 020 34750528 for better communication and pricing.

Costs of Double Glazed Sash Window

You can refer here for the information related to double glazing repair cost. From deep research, we have sorted some prices. However, these prices are average and might differ with the actual cost.

If you want more accurate prices for your project, please consider uploading the photos. You can upload the photos of the window that needs repair using our online quotes form and get a clear price quote.

  • Double Glazing existing sash windows:£200.00 – £900.00.

This procedure involves lots of work to justify the cost. We have to remove the single glazing, rebate the sash and install the double glass unit in a preexisting sash. And, if you want draught-proofing, it’ll cost you more.

  • Manufacture and placing double glazed sashes in the original frame:£350.00 – £1480.00.

Sometimes fitting the double glassed unit is not feasible in an original frame due to incompatible size etc. In these cases, we have to manufacture brand new sashes so that it fits into the original frame.

  • Full window replacement:£1290.00 – £2790.00.

This is quite a rare case. But if your window is damaged beyond repairs and repair is uneconomical, we prefer full window replacement. We’ll help you choose and install the window that suits the best for your house.

Summary of Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows


It’s quite evident from the features and benefits wooden double glazed windows are an all-time favourite of the people of London. However, no one likes things when they’re damaged. The same is the case with a double glazed window.

Whether you need a new double glazed window fitted into an existing frame or sash, you must call the expert. Referring to The London Sash, Window Repairs Services could be a great decision. Not only people in London like our services but we are often referred to as well.

Double glazed sash windows are simply excellent. If you’re still unable to decide whether or not you should invest, then give us a call, and we’ll help you out.

Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows are not any useless commodity. It comes along with numerous benefits. It offers added insulation, security beauty, and appeal to your house.

And, if you’re looking forward to saving some money, consult our experts for a better quote. It’s obvious that repairs will cost you a lot less than the Replacement will. But it depends on whom you choose.

There are various sophisticated methods involved in the repairing procedure. So, we’ll suggest that you take professional help from us. Whatever sash window glazing service it may be, it concerns your house, appeal, beauty, and value. So, consider the best.

If you consider the advice of our professionals, we’ll prefer repair over replacement. Not only because it saves you money, but it involves less hassle. However, if repairs are not feasible, you’ve to resort to replacement. We’ll try our best to offer you better pricing than other companies.

Replacing Double Glazed Sash Windows using Existing Frame

As far as the double glazing repair cost is concerned, Replacing Double Glazed Sash Windows using Existing Frame is the second-best option. Here we use the existing frame to fit in the double glazed sash window.

However, this depends on the current condition of your frame. Once our experts approve the frame, we can proceed further. We then move forward with the manufacturing of wooden double glazed sash window.        

If your sash window repair person said that your sash windows are too thin to hold the double glazed window into the original frame, let’s talk!

We might help you. We can work with a 32mm frame as per the imperial measures. And, we know most of the sash windows were made according to such measurements. We cannot guarantee that your sash is perfect until we inspect it properly.

So, call us now at 020 34750528 and we inspect your sash!!

Full Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows

Full Replacement of wooden double glazed sash windows can be the ultimate and permanent solution to your glazing needs. The Replacement we offer is available in both softwood and hardwood

You’ll get better insulation from sound and heat. However, this costs you more than the regular procedures.

With full double glazed sash window replacement, you can forget any and every sash related problem. We provide a special argon filled cavity that makes it a more efficient insulator. Also, you don’t need building approval for the same.

Full window installation involves the use of new items. It comes with a guarantee. The warranty period varies as per the product. But, you can easily enjoy for the next 7-10 years without any problem.

Double Glazed sash replacement is a great choice when you want it long term. It brings additional security, more value to your house, better insulation, and overall appeal.

If you are ready for some free quotes, call us on 020 34750528.

How Can You Book Our Services?

Booking services with The London Sash Window Repairs Services has never been so easy. We avoid spamming our customers. You can use our online booking request form for the online booking of our services.

Also, you can call us on 020 34750528 for personal assistance. Don’t worry; you’ll talk to a human, not any IVR. We care for you and want to deliver only the best solution. So, don’t delay, and let’s talk.


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